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We Know Real Estate. Get to Know Us

People You Can Trust

Welcome to Southland Realty & Management Company!

Southland Realty & Management is a Real Estate firm that is located in North Florida and is Owned by Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker Donna Rowe. Donna is a lifetime resident of the North Florida area and has been practicing Real Estate for over 34 years.

Our Commitment to You:

If you are in the market to buy or sell property, call Southland Realty to protect your privacy, save time, and give you the confidence of having qualified professionals working for you. We will do the market research for you. We will analyze the available properties. And once we have found the right property, we will negotiate on your behalf for the best price and terms. You can trust our integrity to keep your business private and at the same time open our network of landowners, sellers, and other brokers to locate properties that meet your criteria. We can show you the properties that are available and we can show you opportunities that you will not find in the classifieds.

We specialize in residential, waterfront, acreage, and commercial properties. We understand the intricacies of these complex assets. We know how to portray their full value and communicate the exact information that potential buyers need.

Our Marketing:

Today's real estate market is very competitive. We help our client's assets stand out from the rest. We offer professional photography including drones to ensure your listing ranks above all else. Scientific analysis suggest 90% of decision-making is done at the subconscious level, and is driven by emption. Beautiful images create positive emotional responses, impacting the way potential buyers connect. We also offer a weekly sellers report with key information about listing views, websites where views come from and which photos are most popular.

Our Database:

Since our associates have specialized in these properties for over 34 years, we have an in-house database of capable buyers. We are constantly receiving inquiries from parties looking to buy these assets.

Our Skills:

Setting a price for can be complex. Using our mapping skills, our business skills, and our real estate skills, we can accurately and fully compile a price for your property. Call us today to discuss how you can buy with confidence using Southland Realty Associates as your representative.

If you would like to consider listing your property with Southland Realty & Property Management Co., let us begin by providing you with a no obligation market analysis of your property. Contact us today to set up an appointment.